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Digital Literacy @ Polys: Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Technology enables learners to choose what, when, where, and how they learn. Digital learning encompasses the use of technology and educational practises to enhance the learning experience. Scroll down for videos about digital learning and recommended resources.

Digital Learning Resources


A one-stop portal to multidisciplinary content, PolyMall is a joint initiative by Singapore's five polytechnics. Available to all polytechnic staff and students, sign in with your staff/student login credentials. (from LinkedIn Learning)

Learn new skills through The various polytechnic libraries have rich resources that you can use to pick up new skills. A good example is, which contains video courses in the areas of business, creative and IT skills. [Available at: TP Library]

O’Reilly-Safari Learning Platform

More than just an e-book platform, the O’Reilly-Safari Learning Platform contains books, videos, case studies and learning paths for many topics from over 250 publishers. [Available at: TP Library]

Khan Academy

Offers instructional videos on a range of topics from arts and humanities to engineering and science.

MIT OpenCourseWare

A web-based publication of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) course materials.


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Did you know? Databases subscribed by the polytechnic libraries provide a treasure trove of webinars that could be part of your digital learning strategy. Here are some recommended sources:


Webinars presented by marketing thought leaders and covering topics from selecting an influencer to brand launch strategies.


For webinars, videos and podcasts of industry trends.

Adaptive Learning

Have you heard of adaptive learning? It uses computer algorithms to deliver a personalized learning experience based on data that it gathers when the learner interacts with the learning content. Talk to your polytechnic librarians to explore resources available to create adaptive learning experiences for your students.