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Digital Literacy @ Polys: Information & Media Literacy

Information Literacy

SCOPE: Understand what information literacy is about and its importance



   What is Information Literacy? (from LinkedIn Learning)



   Identifying your information needs (from LinkedIn Learning)


Searching for Information

SCOPE: An understanding of the type of sources required, the availability of tools and how to increase the precision of the searches

Thinking Better, Searching Deeper
SP Library
Learn about different sources of information & how to utilise them to fulfil information needs
Increase Search Success, Reduce Stress
SP Library
Learn how to identify keywords from topics
Increase Search Success, Reduce Stress - Review
SP Library
Review of how to refine, broaden or exclude terms in search through use of Boolean operators
Which Cafe 1 - PET Audience (left)
Which Cafe 1 - CET Audience (right)
SP Library
Using Boolean operator 'AND'
Which Cafe 2 - PET Audience (left)
Which Cafe 2 - CET Audience (right)
SP Library
Using Boolean operator 'OR'
Still Hungry - PET Audience (left)
Still Hungry - CET Audience (right)
SP Library
Using Boolean operator 'NOT'

Keywords and Subject Terms
Scribner Library, Skidmore College

What are the library databases and which one should I use?
Ronald Williams Library, Northeastern Illinois University

Should I be Using Google or the Library Resources for a Paper?
Ronald Williams Library, Northeastern Illinois University

Search Strategies
NP Library

Evaluation of Information

SCOPE: A critical assessment of the information retrieved and ability to distinguish between authoritative and fake news

Relax... What's the Rush?
SP Library
How reliable is the source?
Using CRAAP to Take Out the Bad
SP Library
Learn about CRAAP criteria for evaluating information

TP Library

TP Library

TP Library

TP Library

TP Library

Fact-checking Websites:

Curate & Managing Information

SCOPE: Curate the information gathered in online free tools and manage the content for easy retrieval

Sharing the Digital Content

SCOPE: Share the content with team members for collaboration

Ethical Awareness & Communication of Information

SCOPE: Learn to communicate information in an ethical & responsible manner

Plagiarism Tutorial
University of Mississippi Libraries

How to Avoid Plagiarism: In 5 Easy Steps
Steelman Library, Southeastern University

Copyright and Fair Use
Common Sense Education

Citation for Beginners
Imagine Easy Solutions

Planning the Research Process

D.R.E.A.M.S. Approach to Search Strategies