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Copyright Guide: TV & Cable

7. Sound and Television Broadcasts and Cable Programmes

This section deals with recordings of a

     - Sound broadcast
     - Television broadcast
     - Cable programme  

7.1 Recording of a sound broadcast refers to recording by means of a disc, tape or other device in which sounds are embodied. 

7.2 Recording of a television broadcast or cable programme refers to the making of a cinematographic film of that broadcast or programme. The expression "cinematographic film" is broad and includes films recorded on celluloid as well as magnetic tape, films which are digitally recorded on video compact discs, digital video discs or recording in any medium for the storage of visual images so as to be capable of being shown as a moving picture.  
7.3 The recording of a sound broadcast, television broadcast or cable programme is allowed if the recording is done by or on behalf of the authority in charge of SP and is to be used in the course of instruction at SP.   

7.4 Please note that recordings that have been privately rented or purchased cannot be used for teaching purposes. They can only be used for private and domestic use.  
7.5 The guidelines in section 7.3 stated above apply strictly to recordings of sound or television broadcasts and cable programmes. They do not include situations such as recording the presentation of an external consultant. In such cases it is best to seek the prior permission of the consultant for reproduction of his materials and presentation.  
7.6 What if you don't want to make a recording but you want to tune into the sound or television broadcast or cable programme during your lesson for teaching purposes? 
You may freely do so without concerns of infringement. There is also no requirement that the broadcast or programme must relate to a course of instruction.

Please ensure that you can say "yes" to the relevant statement in Checklist 3.