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Copyright Guide: Home

The Law on Copyright

About this Guide


This Guide sets out the general position of the law on copyright in relation to broad areas of activities carried out by staff of Singapore Polytechnic (“SP”) in the course of work. It does not purport to address in full any particular legal issue faced by any school, department or staff member of SP. Persons with specific legal questions should seek legal advice before proceeding. In particular this Guide does not cover the following:  

- Copying by the Library, which has its own well-defined procedures for copying.  

- Copying for students at their request by independent contractors on campus.  

- Copying by students where the lecturer has not authorised the copying directly, expressly, indirectly or impliedly. (See 2.4 and 2.5) 

- Copying by lecturers in their capacities as student club advisers, event organisers or other role outside their teaching duties. 

- Other intellectual property rights such as patents and trademarks. 


Objective of the Copyright Database

The objective of the Copyright Database is to capture in electronic form particulars of reproductions of copyright materials by staff members. Forms are provided for members of staff to complete when making copies. The law requires some of the information and other information is for the purpose of good housekeeping.

This database also provides important information on copyright. It is hoped that increased awareness of copyright issues will help staff members to avoid copyright infringement. 



How do you find out if your copying is lawful?
You should check one of the 7 numbered icons on the home page.

If you want detailed information on what you must comply with when copying please study the following Checklists. You may also click on the Checklist/Forms/Records on the Home Page.


Checklist #1 – Copying Articles from Periodicals or 10% or 1 Chapter (Multiple Copies)


Checklist #2 – Copying 5 pages or 5% (Multiple Copies)


Checklist #3 – Recording Sound or Television Broadcast

These are the forms you will need to complete for certain types of copying. You may also gain access to the Forms through the Checklist/Forms/Records icon on the Home Page.


Form A – Multiple Copies of Articles from Periodicals


Form B – Multiple Copies of 10% or 1 Chapter


If you want to know who should keep records and for how long, Click Here or click on the Checklists/Forms/Records icon on the Home Page.

If you need information about a publication such as the author’s name etc, you may search the library catalogue.