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SP Library

SP Library

FOP 2024: Welcome

Welcome all SP Freshmen!

Learn how to use your student card/account to borrow books, magazines, and to access Library and FabLab digital resources, services and facilities, such as Project rooms, photo/video recording studios and Makerspace.

Visit Library and FabLab Website

Your go-to site for a wide variety of resources & services that enrich your learning journey. 

Find out how to borrow library books from Self-Borrowing Machine:

Visit FabLab SP

Your one-stop location for you to learn, master and deploy digital fabrication and prototyping skills in SP.


Power Up

Power Up is a website offering an immersive online game called Eco Quest for players to build ecosystems, along with a digital library for educational journeys. Events and workshops encourage sustainable practices, while My Library provides a collaborative space for students to innovate and create projects aligned with sustainability. Visit Power Up now and start your journey towards a greener future!