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SP Library

Mendeley Guide: Adding references to your Mendeley account

Collecting References from SP Library Catalogue


  1. Do a keyword search.




2.  For example, if you wish to cite this title:



3. Save the details of your selected info source into the temporary folder. 



4.  Click "View temporary folder".



5. To import the reference into Mendeley,  select the Mendeley/ Zotero option.



6. You should see the reference in Mendeley.




How to Enter References Manually

Sometimes, you may need to create your reference manually. Here is how to do this:

  1. In this example, we are creating a reference from a blog post.


2. Go into Mendeley desktop and expand the drop down menu of the icon on the top left. Select "Add Entry Manually".


3. Select the reference type and Mendeley will generate the info fields that you should add in.


4. Fill up the fields accordingly. For this blog, there is no personal author so select (Institution/ Organization) before keying in the author as  National Cancer Institute.



5. After filling up the fields, click 'Save'. You can see the details of the reference on the right.