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Information Literacy: Home

Ever wondered what information literacy is about? Try out:

Here's how to access: Go to Blackboard > My Community > Information Literacy Module

Module Outline

Here are the sections and what to expect:
1 (for GE1) -
 Introduction - start finding out what information literacy is and why it’s important to your learning
2 (for GE1) -
 Getting the Most Out of the Internet - how to search effectively
3 (for GE1) -
 Increasing Search Success, Reducing Stress - tips and tools to identify keywords to search effectively
4 (for GE3) -
 Thinking Deeper, Searching Better - see the different information sources you can use to meet information needs
5 (for GE3) -
 Using CRAAP to Take Out the Bad - apply key criteria for evaluating information sources before using them
6 (for GE3) -
 Organizing and Presenting Information - learn how to present your report, cite sources and avoid plagiarism

In selected sections, you will see the following characters. Follow them on their information literacy journey through the animation segments.

Librarians' Contact

Your Librarian can help you:

  • Formulate effective search strategies
  • Recommend useful databases & other materials
  • Evaluate information resources

Ms Francine Chu (CLS, LSC)
Tel: 6879 0348

Ms Goh Beng Hwee (EEE, MAE, MS)
Tel: 6879 0369

Ms Charlotte Lim Geok Hong (ABE, MAD, SMA)
Tel: 6772 1520

Mr Edmund Lee (SB, SoC)
Tel: 6772 1419